Reliability, security and efficiency

Outsourced Management

As your technology partner, we take responsibility for your systems. Making sure everything is as desired, constantly.
Daily management

Unlimited helpdesk and support

Remote support is the next best thing to having an onsite IT person. We offer this service for the most rapid response to support issues. We're always just a call/web request away.
Hey Marg, how do I do this thing?
That? Here, I'll grab it for you.
Just click here.
Awesome! You're the best!
Most welcome! ✌️
Daily management

Proactive maintenance

We build proactive instead of reactive solutions to problems. System failure overtime is a fact of life. Investing in being proactive to keep systems safe, secure and stable is always preferable to extended downtime.
"I recommend them to all of my friends when they ask and I have zero hesitation to do so."
Caleb Lewis, Operations Manager at NRT Inc.
Daily management

Status monitoring

We understand your IT to a 'T' and will inform you whenever something requires your attention.

Whether it is hardware depreciation, employee behavior or possible efficiency gains; we keep you in the loop.

We utilize 'EDR: Endpoint Detection Response Technology', which maps a team member's regular activity and informs us when outlier events occur.

You don't need to spend much to have incredible IT

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Daily management

Cyber security &

Many businesses are purely digital. Imagine if your data was lost. It happens more often than you think. Whether it is an outside attack, or internal corruption, we ensure your business' continuity.
Most advanced anti-cyber-attack technology on the market.
Incredible anti-virus and anti-malware solutions.
Data management systems ensure that everything is secure internally.
Onsite training to reduce human error are suggested.
Daily management

Data backups & disaster recovery

What happens in case of a fire, flood, or (shark-)tornado? Data is fragile. Every business requires back-ups on multiple geographic locations.
Data is stored on various locations, while keeping in mind any legal restrictions, such as imposed by the GDPR.
We execute 'backup restore tests', to ensure you do not experience any unpleasant surprises.
We Ínclude backups for your services providers, such as Microsoft365.
"Has been a great asset for our small business."
Steven Stoltz, Owner of Valley Health Resources, LLC

"Their response times are very fast and they typically does the work during off hours so we don’t lose productivity time."

Great team to work with! They are quick to help work out any kinks that arise from the changes and their pricing is very reasonable.

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